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Thundersticks / Cheering Bang Sticks

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Thunder sticks are the hottest item in the sports promotional market !

As seen at NBA games, major league baseball and world cups , thunder stick is the most visible, cost effective , stand-alone , promotional item on the market today ! It offers an opportunity for sponsorships, political parties, schools and colleges and can be used just about anywhere crowds gather. These inflatable noisemakers are great for sporting events, parades, political rallies, sales meetings and other special events. They offer an excellent opportunity for sponsorships and are ideal as a fund raiser for you school or organization.

thundersticks thundersticks
   They're like those thunder sticks that you see at all sport games . Play sound again ?

What is it ?

Thunder sticks , also called cheering sticks, bang sticks, clapper sticks , bam bam, fan sticks and banger , are hand held inflatable tubes about 60cm long and 10cm wide. Slam two together and you will hear an unbelievable BANG ! Fans simply love using them during sport events. Teams and sponsors put their logos on them to promote their brands and support their teams.

thunder sticksthunder sticks
thunder sticksthunder sticksbanger

Inflatable wavers , noisemakers , cheering bang stick, inflatable thunder sticks, bangers that make noise when banged together.

These are perfect noisemakers for sporting events, parades, political, rallies and sales meetings and other special events. Made of two inflatable sticks that are clasped together, they make noise in any crowd and provide a perfect exposure for your logo. Inflate easily through a special valve and banger will not deflate.



Cheering sticks are very popular with fans and team sponsors. Teams and sponsors come back again and again every year because it works! It is the singular product that has the largest impact on stadium audiences and it becomes especially valuable during televised events.
Fans simply LOVE receiving free cheering sticks at major sports events ! Cheering sticks handed out in mass will ensure the success of any event ! It can almost be said that cheering sticks "forces" fans to participate in supporting. Thousands of fans banging in rhythm creates fantastic acoustics and excitement in a stadium !

cheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stickcheering stick

Can i design my thundersticks ?

Sure , We offer personalized or plain unprinted bam bams and thudersticks for any sporting event , if you need any classic inflatable cheering sticks , pom thundersticks , metallic air bang stick or glow thunder sticks , please contact our sales for more detail.

Outstanding Features

inflatable thundersticksinflatable thundersticks

Multi Use

Absolutely ingenious , inflatable thunder sticks can be used several times. After use, simply deflate and and have them ready for next deployment.

Unbelievable Acoustics

Clap both thundersticks together, and even by less use of power, you will hear an unbelievable “Bang”. Crowds and fans hitting in rhythm creates fantastic acoustics in the stadium.

inflatable thunderstickslight up inflatable thunderstickslight up inflatable thunderstickslight up inflatable thundersticks

What are the benifits of our inflatable cheering sticks?

inflatable thundersticksinflatable thundersticks

I have heard that it is possible to make money with cheering sticks by doing a giveaway. Is this really possible ?

Yes and it is an excellent idea! All you have to do is to find a sponsor. We print your company, team or organisation logo on one side and we put your sponsor's logo on the back side. Lots of companies in your area have advertising budgets for local organisations and are waiting for such opportunities to promote their name. Keep in mind that you can put more than one sponsor on the cheering sticks.

If you have an event date that you need the thnuder sticks for, please let us know and we will let you know if we can meet your needs.


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