Custom Lanyards

With over many years of experience, we have been producing and designing custom lanyards for businesses, associations, and various organizations around the world.

We can boldly guarantee that our products are high quality at very low costs. We can customize your lanyard according to your design which can be imprinted or sewed onto your choice of colored lanyards. We also offers numerous attachments to personalize the lanyards according to the customer's needs. All lanyards are custom made and can be delivered to worldwide.

Polyester Lanyard

Polyester imprinted custom lanyards are our most popular style of custom lanyard. These lanyards are made from a high-quality polyester material with your text or logos imprinted.

Polyester material has a certain sheen to that gives you a quality product with a professionally finished appearance and top-quality product that can be used in a variety of situations. Each and every Lanyard undergoes the same strict manufacturing process to ensure a lasting and durable product that you will be proud to wear

Tube Lanyard

Tube imprinted lanyards are a cost-friendly and most affordable option for a variety of lanyard applications. Tubular Lanyards are made of from tube-stitched polyester material similar to a shoelace. Your text and design is silkscreen printed onto the lanyards, one at a time. You will have no worries about your custom design coming off the Tube Imprinted Lanyards and with Tube Imprinted Lanyards, no one will ever know you spent so little for a durable, custom designed lanyard.

Nylon Lanyard

Looking for the most detail possible on your custom lanyard design? Imprinted Nylon lanyards are a perfect option for detailed logos or images and offer a surface that allows for high detail silk-screening. Imprinted Nylon lanyards are slightly thicker and reveal a more shiny appearance and are recognized for their sheen and smooth texture, they are extremely durable and will make your logo seem to pop off the lanyard.

Woven Lanyard

Woven Lanyards are manufactured from strong, high-quality polyester material that will represent your company or organization extremely well. With a textured feel and the ability to "stitch" your text or logo into the lanyard they are what most people think of when they think of lanyards. Woven Lanyards offer a custom look for a variety of applications and will have your text and/or logos embroidered into the Woven polyester material.

Dye-Sublimation Lanyard

Have a milti-color or details logo to print? Dye-sublimation lanyards also known as full color lanyardsis the answer. The materials used for the Dye sublimation lanyards are superior micro weave material which offers a smooth surface for details logo and unlimited color printing option. Nothing is impossible to print on this type of lanyards and you logo will be printed to the exact and all original colors. Printed on both side and ability to choose from different attachments and extra options have made this the most popular lanyards for nationals sport teams, governments and corporates. Whether it is the precise imaging, edge to edge printing or unlimited and full logo color print dye sublimation is the best choice

Satin Ribbon Lanyard

Elegant and Stylish satin covered lanyards. Your logo and text are printed on a quality and durable satin material and stitched on to the polyester surface. The effectiveness of the double layered lanyards makes your promotion gift to stand out in the crown. More and more companies are using the type of lanyards as promotion and advertising tool. You are free to choose from different lanyards body color and the satin color to make two different color layers for the lanyards. Multiple options to choose from detachable buckle release to safety breakaway, badge holder to badge reels option.

We are a leading manufacturer of custom lanyards, badge holders & badge reels. Custom lanyards are a very affordable way to increase awareness of your products, services and business. To enhance your company image, carries a wide collection of custom lanyards, badge holders and badge reels in a variety of colors, styles and sizes.

Please contact us for details and pricing of custom lanyards, badge holders and badge reels. We are also here to help you to select the right product as per your requirements.